Mother of All Bastards

by Angus MacMannus

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After 35-plus years of complete and cow-udder failure, sorry-ass singer/songwriter, Angus MacMannus, does what all other A&R tax-write-offs do: persevere.

With a wake of defunct could-a-been, should-a-been, and never-would-a-been-but-maybe-could-a-been anti-pop combos firmly behind him, Angus now prepares for year 2015. Also known on the Chinese lunar calendar as the year of the fire-breathing, opening-gambit pig.

If he is going to fail again, it will be on his own terms.

Early reports lay claim that this Mayan stretch may yield his greatest disappointments yet, while others—backwater bomb-makers, the recently lobotomized, the longtime lobotomized, those seeking a lobotomy, front-water bomb-makers, and those quite popular with the nonexistent—say not so goddamn fast, bitch; professing the losing streak has run its course, and Angus will finally sample success in all its bitter what-the-hell-is-this, it-tastes-just-like-chicken, glory.

From the well manicured, tax-afflicted suburban lawns of Los Angeles, to the harsh, tax-exempt plains of the Lone Star State, comes a polluted, American cacophony of punk-fused, Southern Gothic morality tales, capped with just a smidgen, or perhaps a dash, or better yet, a pinch, or, even way better, a cellulite-riddled ass-grab of country western burlesque hidden behind a series of progressive house beats.

The starting gate cadenza was “Copy Kat Killer,” where the anti-maestro proves beyond a Roscoe Arbuckle shadow of a doubt, that no song, no matter how great, is safe from his ruinous hands. Then he came way too soon with “Wicked Vices and Beautiful Crimes” to befoul your auditory love canal. For the impatient masochist in us all, Angus immediately followed that release with his losers manifesto “Scheming Bloody Murder." Then, for the holidaze that seem to arrive on time every year without an invitation, "Season's Beatings." All available now for bulimic consumption and immediate regurgitation at the Official One Eyed Lover Store, and in case you didn't know it, you’re already here.

No, that chiming bell above your head was not a brilliant idea.

Angus' noise can also be found by accident on iTunes, Google Music, Amazon, Spotify, Beats Music (Dre adores Angus, TLF), and yada, yada, yada.

You will also find plenty of fiascoes-past posted here at the shop and at all other digital box-stores where blue light specials still reign supreme.

So, cock back the La-Z-Boy and enjoy:}


released September 5, 2014




Angus MacMannus Dallas, Texas

Since 1977 Angus has been happily churning out crap that no one listens to. With his rancid, musical roots latched to the dawn of Los Angeles hardcore, they now break the placid, American Idolized waters like a ravenous leviathan, hellbent on dragging down what "the man" calls music to a much warranted, earsplitting doom. If seeking a template for success, or artistic integrity, look elsewhere. ... more

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